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Good Morning Everyone.

As this is my first blog post I want to use it to tell you what my blog will be about, what I’m about and lastly what to expect to see from me in the future.

So first of all, who am I?  –  My name is Joe and I’m an outdoor adventurer. Ever since I was a child I would enjoy nothing more than playing in the woods and exploring the national parks on our family holidays. Going through high school I was a keen kayaker and mountain biker and would compete in both. With the mountain biking I still compete occasionally. That falls down to if I’m near a race at the time and happen to have my bike with me.  After that I studied outdoor pursuits for two years, which was based at an activity centre. This gained me several NGB (National Governing Bodies) qualifications and more importantly experience in leading adventure sports and skills and tricks in the outdoors.  Since that I have worked on outdoor centres, a short stint at Go Outdoors, seasonal work (summer and winter) and then a bit of private outdoor work. During this time I was constantly gaining new qualifications or learning more advanced techniques to constantly better myself.

That brings us on to now. I am passionate about travelling; seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing cultures and having an adventure. Unfortunately traveling and blogging is not easy to make into a full-time job so what I do is a big mix of seasonal work, private expeditions and sports coaching with my own travels chucked into one big pot. This allows me to travel and still live the adventurous outdoors life that I want to lead.

What is my blog about and what can you expect?  –  We have established that I am a traveller and adventurer, so believe it or not my blog and site is exactly that. As I travel the world and lead expeditions I will be blogging along the way with my thoughts, recommendations, gear reviews, hints and tips and of course lots of photos.

On my site I have a page dedicated to Kit Lists (see menu). This is where I will post all my kit lists for each expedition and adventure so that you can see what I take, what I used and what I would take/leave behind if I was to do it again. My kit lists will be everything from one day adventures to months of traveling and cover nearly every sport going from walking and cycling to snowboarding and kayaking. Hopefully this page will give you the help and guidance that you need when it comes to packing for your own adventures and expeditions. If you have any questions or would like help building a kit list for your adventure then please get in touch and I will personally help build a kit list for you and your adventure.

Hopefully my first post has given you a little insight to who I am and what to expect from my page. Thank you for the taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my travels and blog which is to come.

Happy Adventuring

The Wolf


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