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Welcome to Obergurgl

After spending my Christmas in Lapland, it was soon time to move on to the next adventure. Ski seasons have always been on my to do list and so hence I decided to try my luck on getting sent out to join the current season. My work in Finland was for a company called Hotelplan which is the parent company of three ski holiday tour operators (Inghams, Ski Total and Esprit). Whilst working in Finland I was informed that there was the possibility to go onto do a ski season, so as soon as I got home I was on the phone in order to try sort something out.

It took a couple of weeks to sort out but I was soon informed that I would be going to a resort in Austria. Originally I wanted to go to one of the resorts in Switzerland or Italy as I am yet to visit these countries however from past adventures I knew how beautiful Austria was and so was super excited. Packing my bags within 12 hours of leaving I boarded the plane and was soon on my way to the next adventure…

Coming into Innsbruck

Touching down in Innsbruck I was so thrilled to be back somewhere with great mountains looming. Unfortunately I did not have any time to look round Innsbruck (being the only city close to resort) which was a shame, however I will certainly make time to head back there on a day off.

Journey time to resort was an hour and a half on board one of the tour coaches which to my surprise was only carrying adults. The reason this was a surprise to me was due to the fact that Inghams, Esprit and SkiTotal are family holiday tour operators, and yet this coach was lacking in the younger generations.

It wasn’t long before I arrived in my resort for the next three months, Obergurgl, although us cool kids / seasonaires call it OBG. Remember that as I will probably naturally just put OBG rather than Obergurgl in future blog posts. To my surprise OBG is a small village however it has so much packed in. The main high street boasts several ski/snowboard shops, a bakery, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, fast food takeaways and cafes are just some of the services available. As I arrived the first thing I noticed was the fact that everyone was walking around carrying either skis or a snowboard, I knew then that it was going to be an awesome place to live. The chalets are your typical Austrian style buildings, each with a unique name and picture painted on the side. First impressions were certainly satisfactory, there wasn’t a negative in sight.

Balcony View

After a short wait in the main office, I was taken to my accommodation. I am staying in one the guest chalets (Verwall – pronounced ‘ver-val’) which is a smart and relaxed chalet. My room has everything I could need; a bed, a Television (with uk channels, a sofa, breakfast table, a wardrobe, a kitchen with microwave, fridge, sink, hobs and storage. The bathroom is modern and clean, again with everything that a bathroom needs. Leading off from the main room is the balcony with an amazing view of the slopes and the mountains. I found out later that evening that I would be joined by one of the guys I was working with in Lapland (Saul), who would be arriving the next day.

Due to arriving late I was very lucky with my accommodation. The other staff (12 in total) are all sharing, that’s two bedrooms and one bathroom between 12 of them – no thank you.

It was only after arriving at my accommodation that I found out that I would be working for Esprit. Up until then I thought I was going to be working for Inghams.

Front Garden

So that is my first experiences of Obergurgl. What a great first impression and I am looking forward to living here for the remainder of my winter season. I am really excited to explore the village further and most importantly head on up the mountains.

First day of work tomorrow so wish me luck…

Happy Adventuring

The Wolf

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