Season Work

When working seasons you are titled with two names, first is the official trade name which is ‘Seasonal Worker’ and second is the less official ‘Seasonaire’. Now, the latter certainly sounds a lot cooler to tell people (and I’m obviously cool), so any young trendy season worker will call themselves seasonaires. The way of life for us seasonaires is probably quite different to the standard mundane household. I hope I can enlighten you into our world and the way we live.

What is a seasonaire?

So as I have just touched on, a seasonaire is someone who works seasons. This doesn’t just mean that they work summer (for example) then not work the rest of the year, although this can be the case, but rather that they have a different job each season or couple of seasons. Those that work all year round will generally do a Summer season ( April – October) followed by a Winter season (October – April). The seasons do not always flow into each other so sometimes you can find yourself out of work for a month or so between seasons. For those that do it all year round- they have to carefully line up each job in order to not be out of work.

The most popular season to work is ski season due to the large number of jobs it produces and the promise of being able to Ski or Snowboard for 5 months. Some of the jobs include Instructors, Childcare, Chalet Hosts, Chefs, Drivers, Representatives and lots more of which are all classed as seasonaires. As I type this and as you will know from my previous blog post, I am on a winter season in Obergurgl, Austria.

How to find seasonaire work?

We all know how hard it is to find and apply for jobs now a days let alone actually be offered them, so the thought of having to do that every 6 months can come across quite daunting. Obviously the jobs are not guaranteed for anyone but if you structure your CV around the job role and have some form of experience then you will be in with a chance.

Going into winter season I had no experience of ski seasons or done anything similar that employers could relate to but luckily for me I had a lot of experience working with children. As I was applying for a childcare role this was very useful and I structured my CV around all the work with children that I have done. If I was applying for a kitchen staff job then I would structure my CV around the work I have done in restaurants, bars and so on.

If you don’t have anything at all on your CV which employers can relate to then it is time to start helping yourself, volunteer in a local school or club, get a waitressing job in a hotel or restaurant etc etc. Make yourself more employable by doing little things to add to your CV.

So where can you find season work? It’s a good question as it’s not going to be advertised in your local newspaper or in your local jobs centre. Luckily for us we have the World Wide Web. All and any season work will be advertised online either through their own website, social media or through a hiring company. Social media is the big one, every company will have a Facebook page and most an Instagram and Twitter account. Facebook is your biggest friend, there are so many groups, companies and organisations on there that are specifically designed on recruiting seasonaires. I will create another blog post further down the line with Facebook links and company names for you to have a look at.

Hopefully now you know what a seasonaire is and have a little idea on how to find season work. My next blog posts will be about how to prepare for a season, what living on a season is actually like and what to expect. For me it is time to put down the blog and pick up snowboard. So until next time…

Happy Adventuring

The Wolf

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